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What is a Smoke Buzz?

Health Issues, Hookahs, Shisha

I distinctly remember getting a “buzz” from the first hookah I smoked (at a hookah cafe, so it was clean) and since then I still consistently get some kind of buzz.   Why would this happen?  What makes for a “hookah buzz?”


  1. Nicotine –  Keep in mind, the nicotine content of typical shisha tends to be very light, especially compared to mainstream, chemically engineered cigarettes.  But, since nicotine is a natural component of tobacco, there is at least some of that.
  2. Lack of oxygen to the brain – I suspect this is the main culprit for the “hookah buzz.”  Inhaling permanent markers or whipped cream will have a similar effect.  The reason for this is straightforward: The lungs have a hard time sifting oxygen out of the smoky air, thus creating an oxygen deficiency for the brain.   That “buzzy” feeling is a side effect the brain struggling to function properly.